our values Our values
All young travelers in the world want to meet other backpackers and have fun. We never want to feel alone, we want to belong to a community. Hostelive is made by backpackers for backpackers, we’ve got the same "youth hostel spirit". To join an event or an activity at any time because any occasion is good to meet each other.
owner picture Alex
« During my world tour, I was in Australia, in such a big hostel, with so many backpackers, so that I have never met someone. Each backpacker was focused on their smartphone. That was impossible to know who wanted to go out or who wanted to participate in any activity inside the hostel. If I had a tool like Hostelive, it would have been easier for me to meet people in a hostel ».
owner picture Jo
« During my trip in Canada, I’ve hiked in to the nature for several days, in the middle of nowhere without seeing anyone. Arriving in a hostel is always comforting. Some hostels are more friendly than others, each time I would love to arrive in a new hostel like in a new home. I’ve joined Hostelive for this reason: feeling at home whatever the place ».
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When did we start
Started on May 2016 in Paris, Hostelive is intended to bring backpackers together into a same marketplace, to utilize the internet as a springboard for real relationships between travelers.
our experience Our experience
Travel, travel and travel in youth hostel all over the world! Hostelive has been made for creating connections between backpackers. And why "Hostelive" ? Because LIVE for life, LIVE to enjoy your stay and LIVE for immediate sharing with others backpackers like you, as soon as you get a new hostel!